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RaDante' Keys

Mind's Body with RaDante' Keys

Every decade or so, there is a group or person that brings an innovative new sound and fresh concept to music, someone who can bring out the best in their musicianship, ability, and creativity, while bringing out the best in others. The one person to do such a thing, “The Sultan: “RaDante’ Keys”.

RaDante Keys with his group Mind’s Body has a unique sound.  
They bring a Reggae/Latin convergence with a rock edge to their music, like no one has ever heard.  What sets RaDante’s group apart is, his music brings out musical creativity and spirit to the forefront of the millennium. Great playing, musicianship, and cohesion of strong vocals bring Mind’s Body Experience to life.  RaDante’ brings music back to the local market with an international spice & flavor.

“Fans have stated what a unique sound Mind’s Body has.” Music fans experience the driving sound and performances of RaDante’ Keys, an artist who has traveled the world playing with major artist, while bringing his music & experience to the journey. RaDante Keys has enough energy to power a small fleet of Harleys and a 747 jet,  It's a fuel that burns. 

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